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My beloved North East England

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

If you've never visited this part of the country then what are you waiting for?! I love returning 'home'. The beaches up here are absolutely amazing with the softest and whitest sand. So far, we've been to three different seaside towns - the furthest being just over an hour away. We went to South Shields, St Mary's Island and Lighthouse at Whitley Bay in the past few days. Today we visited Seahouses and Bamburgh and had a trip on a boat to the Farne Islands where we saw different species of birds, seals and porpoises. Seriously, if you want to visit a beautiful part of the UK, you wouldn't go far wrong coming up here. I'm very lucky to be here with my 4-year old Grandson. I'm thrilled that he is old enough to go on holiday with me now. He's such a good boy 😍. Sorry I've missed a couple of weeks adding to my blog. I bought a new phone which didn't work with my network provider so I had to buy another which isn't compatible with Google! Can you imagine?! I'd love to hear what you think about the North East and whether you like my photos. I'll upload them another day from my laptop as this new mobile isn't allowing it 🤔Bye bye for now 😘

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