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An Interview with Julie


How long have you been a life coach?


Actually, I kind of just fell into it. I had always had the urge to help people and empathised with them, then, 33 years ago I had my second child who was born with heart problems and, as we found out later, a whole load of other issues. She’s doing great now though!


Anyway, I vowed that I would do everything in my power not to let anyone go through the despair that my husband and I felt at that time. We had an almost 3-year old at home but I was so busy with all that was going on with my baby that I found it difficult to deal with her too and felt I wouldn’t be able to love her the same. As it turns out, that was all in my head. Of course I loved her the same!


After a couple of years trying to find answers, we found a doctor who was doing research into the genetic condition that the baby had. We understood he wasn’t there to help us but we could help him. That’s exactly what I wanted – to help and support other people in similar circumstances. Eventually, he asked us to set up a support group with another couple at the other end of the country.


The group went from strength to strength and we literally became ‘experts’ on the condition. That sounds mad, doesn’t it? Everybody I spoke to said that they got more from conversations with me than any doctor they had met. I was able to easily put myself in their shoes because the problems were either the same, or very similar. I found I had a knack of coming up with things that I hadn’t even considered before, purely by treating every parent as an individual. I continued to run the support group voluntarily for 13 years until I had some family issues myself and my parents were getting older and sick.


At the beginning of the 2008 recession I was looking for work and it was suggested I apply to work for the DWP as a Personal Advisor (later called a Work Coach). I had found my niche and absolutely loved getting results as people learned ways to help themselves and get their lives back on track. Sometimes we have to sort personal problems out before we get the headspace to apply for jobs. Since then, I have committed myself to helping people find the life they desire and to follow their dreams. We all have them – right?

What would happen if you haven’t worked with anyone in my line of work?

Most of the principles of life coaching are the same. After a chat with you, I will be able to tell you whether we are a good fit to work together. For instance, if someone says they are suffering from depression then I would probably refer them to their own doctor for support, as they may require medication. However, if you life situation is causing the depression then we could possibly work on that to get you into a better frame of mind and help you discover your inner brilliance.  Yes, we all have it!

What gives you the edge over other life coaches?

Having overcome quite a few problems of my own such as a sick child (lots and lots of hospital visits and surgeries), divorce, breast cancer, parents dying with cancer and dementia, I feel that I have built up a resilience and a calm, caring manner that helps clients feel safe and able to open up to me. I have been given a gift of being able to find out what makes people tick and an ability to guide people to help themselves.

What kind of people do you work with best and what would you expect from me?

My 12-week ‘Life After Breast Cancer Program™’  to help breast cancer survivors works best for people who would like more from life and are prepared and committed to helping themselves, by completing worksheets and having an open mind. I would expect you to turn up regularly for sessions and complete any work I ask you to do between sessions – don’t worry though, it won’t be pages and pages of homework! We will discuss everything in your getting acquainted call and you will receive any resources you need before the sessions.


Who would your programmes NOT work for?


This programme won’t work for people who are not committed to making changes in their life yet keep complaining about the problems they have. Neither will it work for people who are constantly sceptical of anyone trying to help them, or those who always have excuses for not turning up or not completing assignments. If you are one of these people, then I would respectively suggest that you do not enter into one of my programmes. We probably wouldn’t work very well together and I’d hate to take your time or money for something that you believe won’t work. I hope this sounds fair to you.


Of course, there will be some people who need support from a different agency and I would advise them on who to speak to next.


What exactly does Discover Your Inner Brilliance help with?


I can help with life imbalance in your work and career aspirations after surviving breast cancer (or indeed any other trauma you have had in your life which has stopped you moving on), your home life and how to get your finances back on track. The programme will cover all of these aspects of your life and more and, hopefully, you will be able to find or continue working towards your dream life and reach your goals. During our getting acquainted call we will discuss your situation in more detail to see if, and how, I can help you feel better about yourself and how you can get the work/life balance that suits you and your new values after breast cancer.


Does it really work? I’ve never worked with a Life Coach before.


Yes, it does work! It’s about finding out about you and what you need to get you to where you want to be in life. Actually, it’s  a bit like talking to a friend over coffee about how you’re feeling and generally putting the world to rights between you. Providing you’re able to chat about yourself then it’ll be great. The programme is uplifting and calming, with everybody getting a chance to ask questions, discuss any problems, or wins, that they have and build a community of women who understand what you've been through in your cancer journey.


What results can I expect? 


You can expect to gain some clarity and perhaps learn a little about yourself and what exactly may be causing you difficulties. It won’t happen overnight, but then it took you a long while to get to where you are now. With regard to work and career, I will show you how to work out your transferable skills that might just land you your perfect job, or a promotion, Maybe you’d even start considering a new career. Who knows! It’s quite exciting really. 


I will also show you how to love and look after your body so that your body image is everything you'd want it to be. We will do this through looking at diet, clothing and a series of worksheets. You will feel that life is not getting you down so much and you won’t feel overwhelmed in the same way.


Small changes can make such a difference to how you feel. You will learn how to cut costs if you have financial issues and work towards a better night’s sleep. I bet you wake up at night with hundreds of different scenarios going round in your head. You will learn to find peace and sleep better.


Can I see some testimonials from your former clients to see what they thought about working with you?


Yes, you can! Please check out the testimonials page on this website.

How quickly can I expect results?


As I said earlier, results will not happen overnight – although some of those ‘Aha!’ moments might. Your work/life balance might be such that it’s like a tangled pile of cables in your mind. You will learn to unpick this and put everything in its place. Ensuring you turn up to sessions and completing the assignments will help you get there a little quicker.


Will it be worth my while paying for one of your programmes?


Of course it will! You may not notice an immediate change after the first session. However, you will soon realise that you are ‘unpicking that tangled cable’ and finding answers. It takes some people longer but, if you are someone who is committed and prepared to fully immerse yourself, then you may see changes a little earlier on.


Will we have sessions online?


All sessions will be online, especially at the moment with the pandemic stopping us from working face to face. In the future though, it would be lovely to meet you if you live not too far from me. Most Q & A sessions will be on Zoom but we can also chat via Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. The course curriculum will be released to you every week and will be discussed in the weekly Q & A sessions.


What does the programme entail and how long does it last?


My ‘Life After Breast Cancer Program™’ is a community program where each and every client can share thoughts and ideas and gain comfort from knowing they are not alone. It lasts for 12 weeks but you will be able to stay in our private group for as long as you wish.


Do you have a payment plan?


Although it is cheaper to purchase the whole programme, there are monthly payment plans available to help with easier budgeting.


Do you accept credit cards?


I prefer to be paid into my bank account, but ask me if this is a problem for you.


Would it be possible to sample your work at low cost first of all, to see whether it’s definitely for me?


Of course you can! I am more than happy to do that. At least that way we’ll get to know each other a little better. We will be doing this during our FREE getting acquainted call anyway.


How do I join up?


We can get you joined up during our getting acquainted call, if you think the course is right for you and I feel we are a good fit.

I think I'd prefer one-to-one sessions. Do you have plans to take this into consideration?

Many people prefer to talk one-to-one as it's more intimate and you might feel you are getting more out of the session.  However, although I feel that the ‘Life After Breast Cancer Program™’  is the best program, because of the community spirit and the sharing of ideas and tips, if you felt you particularly wanted a one-to-one program then it would come at a premium price. This can be discussed during our getting acquainted call.


I’m really busy and feeling overwhelmed. How would I fit in this programme?


Maybe being really busy and feeling overwhelmed is part of the problem. If you knew that this would improve, do you think you could fit in an hour a week to chat online for the Q & A session? If you want the help, then I’m sure you will find a way to make it work for you.


I’ve read all your FAQs but have a further couple of questions. Can we talk?


I’d love to have a chat with you. Let’s set something up! You can email me at or send me a message via  +44 7988 194859.  You can also book a call by clicking here.

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