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Our little caravan holiday in beautiful Yorkshire

After watching Johnny Vegas on TV with his amazingly creative idea to build a glamping site with old buses, we decided to stay for a few days in one of the farm's static caravans. It's the first time we've taken our four year old grandson on holiday, without my daughter and her husband, and he's an absolute delight! We're also taking his Auntie (my other daughter who he adores) and they are sharing a room. There are plenty of places to visit to keep us occupied and, of course, the scenery is amazing! The picture of the van above is not our caravan, by the way - I just loved the photo.

The reason I wanted to mention Johnny's 'Field of Dreams' is because I loved the fact that, his dreams became reality, after focusing his thoughts on what he actually really wanted. He drew pictures and visualised the end result. Of course, the Universe responded and gave him exactly what he wanted. We can all do that if we just learn to visualise where we want to be and what we want to be doing. No need to worry about how you'll get there though, as the Universe will sort that out for you. There may be a few hiccoughs along the way but, more often than not, they lead us to our final goal. Have a think about that and get in touch if something has resonated with you. I'm always happy to have a chat!

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